Art at the Hub

Sometimes it occurs to us that life could be more than rocket science. What about art for instance?

The Hub as a gallery

When we first saw the big, white walls of Palais Strozzi we knew: This place cries for art.

Our “Art at the Hub” program allows artists with a special interest in science to present their work. Furthermore, it allows these works of art to enter into a dialogue with the historic walls.

These Hub exhibitions will change several times a year and will be presented to the public at a vernissage.

The person in charge is Laura Stöger.

Our fifth artist:

Wendelin Pressl

“Bei Angst hilft Mathematik – Angst? Math helps.”


About the exhibition

Wendelin Pressl: "Bei Angst hilft Mathematik", Art at the Hub Vernissage on Feb 21, 2019

Wendelin Pressl: “Bei Angst hilft Mathematik”


February 21, 2019
6 pm
Palais Strozzi


Wendelin Pressl‘s works read like experimental arrangements. He aims to disassemble reality into individual particles in order to reassemble them in his own individual, intelligently humorous way, to associatively combine them and thereby generate reinterpretations and new meanings. Thinking along with the viewers as the essential “users” is always part of the concept.



About the artist

Wendelin Pressl is a Vienna-based artist who studied at the Master Class for Painting, Graz as well as the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He has received numerous awards and grants such as the „Kunstförderungspreis der Stadt Graz” and the “Staatsstipendium für bildende Kunst”. His works have been exhibited in Galerie 5020, Salzburg, Galerie Coréx Athletico, Bordeaux, artachment, Basel, 21er Haus, Wien, Galeria FAB, Tirana, La 56. Biennale di Venezia.


Past Exhibitions