Art at the Hub

Sometimes it occurs to us that life could be more than rocket science. What about art for instance?

The Hub as a gallery

When we first saw the big, white walls of Palais Strozzi we knew: This place cries for art.

Our “Art at the Hub” program allows artists with a special interest in science to present their work. Furthermore, it allows these works of art to enter into a dialogue with the historic walls.

These Hub exhibitions will change several times a year and will be presented to the public at a vernissage.

The person in charge is René Wiese.


Peter Hassman & Georg Hofer


“Diverse Views”


The Art at the Hub exhibition “Diverse Views” puts images from African Voodoo (by Georg Hofer) in sharp contrast to the timeless architecture of Venice (pictures by Peter Hassmann).



About the artists:

Peter Hassmann is a Vienna-born photographer, publisher and artist who became famous for working with Austrian artists like Valie Export or Peter Weibel in the late 1960s and 1970s.

Peter studied at the Academy of Fine Arts After in Vienna and worked as an industrial and commercial as well as artistic photographer. In 2014, he founded “Arteimago,” a publishing house for artists in the field of performing arts, visual arts, photography, poetry, and fashion.

In recent years, Peter has increasingly used long exposure times to achieve a blurring effect in his artistic photographs. He calls this technique, which is also used in the current exhibition “My Venice”, “painting with light.”

(c) Peter Hassman

Georg Hofer was born in Brixen / South Tyrol (Italy). He taught photography at the Academy for Design Bozen and the Graphic School Brixen from 1998–2005. Until 2021, he worked as a freelance photographer in South Tyrol, since 2021 he has been working in Vienna.

During his travels to West Africa, Georg became fascinated by ethnic religions, especially by voodoo, the topic of the current exhibition.

“Diverse Views” show images from the Akodésséwa fetish market in Lomé (Togo) and from the annual voodoo festival in Ouidah (Benin) as well as a small voodoo temple near Lac Ahémé in the southwest of Benin.

(c) Georg Hofer

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