Art at the Hub

Sometimes it occurs to us that life could be more than rocket science. What about art for instance?

The Hub as a gallery

When we first saw the big, white walls of Palais Strozzi we knew: This place cries for art.

Our “Art at the Hub” program allows artists with a special interest in science to present their work. Furthermore, it allows these works of art to enter into a dialogue with the historic walls.

These Hub exhibitions will change several times a year and will be presented to the public at a vernissage.

The person in charge is Laura Stöger.

Our third artist:

Johann Berger


About the exhibition







May 24, 2018


6 pm


In his series „Wortkörper – Word Bodies“, Johann Berger exhibits a deep connection to the written word, and even more to the pillars of the texts: the characters. This is largely owed to his longtime teaching activity at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.


At the Complexity Science Hub Vienna, in baroque Palais Strozzi, he will exhibit sculptures that seem to be rooted in the design vocabulary of classical modernism. They are, however, derived from characters of ancient Greece and of the Hebrew language. The word bodies he is working with result from a discourse with Western intellectual history, whereas the technology to present them is strongly rooted in the present. To achieve these amazing works of art he uses different forms of 3D printing, CPI, and laser cutting.


About the artist

(c) Peter Schmid

(c) Peter Schmid



JOHANN BERGER studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, where he also lectured from 1990 until 2005. He has been active as a writer contributing numerous articles on cultural science and art education as well as following his passion as an artist. His artworks have been exhibited at Galerie Subal, Kunsthaus Muerz, Kunsthaus Leoben, and many other locations. His career included the role of graphic designer in business consultancy and operations management. Today he is deputy editor in chief of Wailand and Waldstein publishers.

(c) Peter Schmid, Sculpture by Johann Berger

Our second artist:

Uwe B. Sleytr


About the exhibition




January 31, 2018


6 pm


From a young age, Uwe B. Sleytr has been fascinated by African art – especially masks. Today he uses mask-like sculptures to visualize the intersection between science and the arts – in particular the unpredictability and mystery of scientific visions.


The sculptures are modelled in clay and coated with gold. After baking, they are plated with leaf gold. In his sculptures, the changes in dimensions symbolize the non-predictable evolution of humans as a consequence of synthetic biology, in particular genome editing. To illustrate arbitrary events, he uses distorted images or spilling fluids on sculptures.


About the artist


UWE B. SLEYTR studied Biotechnology at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. He worked as a senior research scientist at the MRC-Laboratory and the Strangeways Research Laboratory, Cambridge, England. From 1982–2010 he was head of the Department of Nanobiotechnology at his alma mater. He received numerous awards and is a full member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

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Our first artist:

Olaf Osten


Olafs large-sized paintings have been decorating our rooms since 2016.


About the artist

Olaf Osten


Olaf Osten is a Vienna-based artist and graphic designer. He was born in Lübeck and studied Graphic Design in Hildesheim and Dublin.


“I am interested in the balance between constancy and change, which we presumably all are searching for. These sketches are themselves movement, and at the same time an expression of my movement – created through a sort of yearning. I constantly have to articulate my picture of the world so as not to stiffen up inwardly and outwardly. To maintain the widest range of possibilities within my field of view”, Olaf Osten.


His works are on display in the collections of the International Peace Institute, Austrian Foreign Ministry and the Wien Museum.


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(c) Olaf Osten