The Internet of Things

Today's manufacturing is facing the challenge that it becomes more and more interconnected and automated. It is turning into a globalized complex system. At the Hub we try to understand its efficiency, potential, robustness, resilience, and systemic risk.

Our main research questions

Does increased efficiency necessarily lead to higher vulnerabilities of the production system?

How attackable is a fully digitalized production?

Can we measure the resilience of Industry 4.0?

How do we optimally aggregate sensor data to answer systemic questions?


The production revolution


Industry 4.0 offers a solution through digitalization of production systems to make them more flexible and efficient. However, optimal control of each parameterized production step, information and material flow over the production and distribution are becoming increasingly interconnected.


Advanced sensor-based monitoring techniques and novel automation systems generate large real-time data. Our research focuses on methods and tools to model, quantify and control Industry 4.0 complexity.