An Evening with Art & Science at the Hub: “Diverse Views” by Peter Hassmann & Georg Hofer + Fariba Karimi

Sep 28, 2022 | 18:0021:00

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On September 28th, starting at 6 pm, the Complexity Science Hub Vienna invites to its next Evening with Art & Science at the Hub:


“Diverse Views”


is featuring photographs by Peter Hassmann and Georg Hofer.


CSH team leader Fariba Karimi will talk about Diverse Views in Science.


If you would like to attend the evening, please register below.


The Art

The exhibition Diverse Views puts Georg Hofer’s depictions from African Voodoo in sharp contrast to the blurred photographs of Venice’s timeless architecture by Peter Hassmann.


The Science

Is diversity important in science?

Diversity can bring new ways of thinking and open up new scientific paradigms and innovations that were previously hidden from us. Improving the participation of under-represented groups is not only fairer—it could also produce better and more innovative research.



About the artists:


Peter Hassmann is a Vienna-born photographer and publisher who became well-known for working about Austrian artists like Valie Export or Peter Weibel. In recent years—like in his picture series “My Venice” shown at the Hub—, he has increasingly used long exposure times to achieve a blurring effect. He calls this technique “painting with light.”

(c) Peter Hassmann


Georg Hofer is a photographer from South Tyrol (Italy). During his projects in West Africa, he became fascinated by local religions, especially Voodoo. In the current exhibition, Georg shows images from Voodoo markets and events in Togo and Benin.


(c) Georg Hofer


Sep 28, 2022


Complexity Science Hub Vienna
Josefstädter Straße 39


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