CSH @ RIIAA: Panel on “Diversifying AI—How to achieve diversity?”

Sep 29, 2022 | 19:0020:30

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The CSH PostDocs María Del Rio Chanona and Lisette Espín-Noboa organize a virtual panel at the RIIAA5 Virtual Conference. The RIIAA Latin America Conference which will take place September 28–29, 2022 as a hybrid event in Mexico and Ecuador.


The panel starts at 7:00 pm CEST.


Click here for more information and (free) registration.



Studies have shown that diversity correlates with higher profits and better performance. However, the AI ecosystem suffers from a lack of diversity—only 15% of AI researchers at Facebook and 10% of AI researchers at Google are women. Furthermore, less than 25% of computer science Ph.D. degrees were awarded to women.


In this panel, we will discuss the importance of diversity in AI, and how it can help us better understand possible biases. The panelists are experts in fostering the AI and Data science communities, as well as researchers of diverse backgrounds working on reducing biases in AI.




  • Jennifer Enciso García, RIIAA Cofounder and Head of Product as Prosperia
  • Ana Jaramillo, University of Exeter & WiNS committee
  • Belen Martin-Barragan, University of Edinburgh
  • Andrea Monserrat, BM & Clubes de Ciencia


About the RIAA Conference:

RIIAA brings together the Latin American artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem. Emphasizing the interaction between actors based in Mexico and abroad, as well as the academic, government, and industrial communities, in order to catalyze the development, adaptation and use of AI in the region.


Sep 29, 2022