CSH-ITU Copenhagen Workshop: “Sustainable Mobility: Data, Networks, and Complexity”

Apr 14, 2023 | 8:3013:00

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“Why are politicians so reluctant to invest into bicycle infrastructure and pedestrianization given it is the most efficient investment towards sustainable and livable cities? What are the technical and political bottlenecks that keep society in the stranglehold of car dependency, and what are the implications of sustained delay? Which data are we missing, how should we grow network infrastructure, and how to speed up the sluggish political process? The climate crisis demands pressing answers, which we explore here with state-of-the-art insights in Data/Network/Complexity Science and Urban Planning.


This workshop brings together researchers and policymakers from Vienna and Copenhagen who work on understanding the best pathways towards sustainable mobility with focus on cycling, or who are developing tools/methods supporting that aim. Our speakers will cover: Mobility and infrastructure data quality, bicycle network planning, politics & activism, systemic complexity approaches.”




8:30-9:00             Arrival with breakfast


9:00-9:05             Introduction by the organizers


Session 1: Data & Complexity


9:05-9:30             Anita Graser, AIT


9:30-9:55             Rafael Prieto-Curiel, CSH

How do people commute in big cities?


9:55-10:15           Anastassia Vybornova, ITU Copenhagen

         BikeDNA: Bicycle Infrastructure Data and Network Quality Assessment


10:15-10:35        Michael Szell, ITU Copenhagen

       Growing Urban Bicycle Networks


10:35-10:55        Coffee break


Session 2: Planning & Politics


10:55-11:20        TBA


11:20-11:40        Ulrich Leth, TU Wien


11:40-12:00        Barbara Laa,  TU Wien


12:00-12:15        Wrap up / open discussion


Apr 14, 2023


Michael Szell
Anastassia Vybornova
Rafael Prieto-Curiel


Complexity Science Hub Vienna
Josefstädter Straße 39
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