CSH Talk by Vito Latora “The Dynamics of Social Systems with Higher-Order Interactions”

Jul 19, 2023 | 15:0016:00

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Vito Latora from Queen Mary University of London will present a talk on Wednesday, July 19th, 2023, at 3 PM in the Salon.





Title: The Dynamics of Social Systems with Higher-Order Interactions




Abstract: Networks are made of nodes and links. Hence, they model well dynamical processes, such as the spreading of a disease in a population, where transmission occurs through pairwise contacts. Conversely, networks are not best suited to describe the spreading of innovation, the formation of opinions or the emergence of cooperation in social systems, all processes in which more complex mechanisms of interactions, involving groups of three or more units, are at work. In this talk, I will discuss how to use higher-oder networks to better model the presence and role of groups in different types of social dynamics. With the analysis of a series of study cases, I will show that higher-order interactions produce novel collective phenomena. They lead to explosive transitions in models of social contagion, stabilize otherwise unstable synchronized states in systems of many-body dynamical units, and even help providing a novel explanation for the survival of cooperation in social dilemmas.




Bio: Vito Latora is Professor of Applied Mathematics, Chair of Complex Systems and Head of the Complex Systems and Networks Group at the School of Mathematical Sciences of Queen Mary University of London. He is also Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Catania, and External Faculty of
the Complexity Science Hub of Vienna. His research deals with several aspects of complex systems, from fundamental aspects of their structure and dynamics to interdisciplinary applications integrating physics and mathematics with social and biological sciences.
Vito’s recent interests are in modelling dynamical processes on multiplex and temporal networks, and on higher-order structures, such as simplicial complexes and hypergraphs.
Vito is currently collaborating with neuroscientists and anthropologists to understanding the network components of creativity, innovation and success.


Jul 19, 2023


Stefan Thurner


Complexity Science Hub Vienna
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