CSH Talk by Manfred Klaffenböck: “Facilitating Research in Visual Parameter Space Analysis through Rapid Suggestive Visualization Prototyping”

Nov 29, 2018 | 16:0017:00

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This talk by Manfred Klaffenböck from the University of Vienna will take place in room 201.

If you are interested in participating, please email to office@csh.ac.at.




Visual Parameter Space Analysis (VPSA) is a field of active research within the visualization community. It explores the relationship between model input parameters and its corresponding outputs, either to gain a deeper understanding of the model of to fulfil certain tasks more efficiently. Research in the area of VPSA often involves the development of a visual application as part of a design study, in which visualization experts cooperate with domain experts from a different research field to explore simulation models used by the domain experts.


Usually the model-data provided by the domain scientists is high-dimensional and does not only incorporate scalar values, but also complex objects such as lists (e.g. time-series data) or images (e.g. output from a segmentation algorithm). In our experience, it often takes months and several iterations before a basic visual prototype properly functions.


We believe that a visual meta-tool which allows for the rapid prototyping of visual applications could help to increase the speed and the effectiveness of the research performed in this area. We therefore propose RSVP, the Rapid Suggestive Visualisation Prototyping meta-tool.


The tool allows for fast and easy exploration of a visual design space focused on the needs for VPSA.


It furthermore provides the capability of developing handcrafted applications tailored to the domain scientists’ needs and is capable of dealing with multiple complex objects simultaneously. In order to provide guidance for the user, the tool incorporates a task oriented visualization recommendation engine, which is based on an extensive study of multiple expert-crafted VPSA-applications. We discuss the design choices made in RSVP and validate its effectiveness through several case studies conducted with scientists from different domains.



Nov 29, 2018


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