Jan Korbel: “Nonequilibrium thermodynamics of uncertain stochastic processes”

Mar 18, 2022 | 16:1216:24

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CSH scientist Jan Korbel will present research pursued together with David Wolpert at the APS Meeting 2022, taking place as an hybrid event in Chicago and online on March 14–18, 2022.



10:12 am–10:24 am GMT–5 

4:12 pm Vienna time



The talk is part of the Y09 Session “Stochastic Thermodynamics of Biological and Artificial Information Processing II,” chaired by CSH Vienna External Faculty Member David Wolpert (Santa Fe Institute).


Recordings will be made available




In real-world stochastic thermodynamics, we never have infinitely > precise knowledge of the temperatures / chemical potentials of the reservoirs, the energy spectrum, the control protocol, maybe even the number of reservoirs, etc. We investigate how such uncertainty about the precise experimental apparatus modifies the laws of stochastic thermodynamics.


We first consider the case where you sample a given distribution over apparatus’ once and then sample the distribution over trajectories conditioned on that apparatus an infinite number of times. This uncovers both commonalities and differences between the stochastic thermodynamics of systems with an uncertain apparatus and standard (full certainty) stochastic thermodynamics.


We next consider the case where we sample an apparatus once and then generate a sequence of multiple random trajectories where we are able to modify some aspects of the apparatus from one trajectory to the next, based on information concerning the apparatus provided by the earlier trajectories. This opens a very rich set of issues concerning the thermodynamic value of information about an apparatus, extending previous work in the literature on the thermodynamic value of information about the state of the system.



Mar 18, 2022


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