Johannes Wachs: “The economic impact of open source — The regional perspective”

Nov 16, 2021 | 10:3511:30

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CSH Faculty member Johannes Wachs will give a virtual talk at the OFA Symposium 2021: The European Commission Open Source Study, which takes place online on Nov. 16 from 10:00–17:00 CET.


To attend the meeting, register via the webpage of the Symposium.



This presentation will showcase recent work on the geography of open source software developers. Motivated by recent work showing that many positive externalities created by OSS developers accrue locally, we map active GitHub developers at various spatial scales.


Despite a strong correlation with economic development, OSS activity differs significantly across countries and regions in idiosyncratic ways. Within countries OSS developers are even more concentrated than R&D workers – suggesting that policymakers should consider cluster policy tools when seeking to promote OSS.



About the Symposium:

The OpenForum Academy (OFA) symposium offers the opportunity for critical and scholarly discourse on the European Commission study on “The impact of Open Source Software and Hardware on technological independence, competitiveness and innovation in the EU economy”.


The European Commission Open Source Impact study represents a landmark in Open Source research. It provides a comprehensive model of the economic impact of Open Source, analysis of success cases and failures as well as relevant factors, a stakeholder survey, policy analysis in Europe and around the world and finally policy recommendations directed at the European Commission.


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