Kavita Surana: “Technology complexity and long-term innovation in suppliers of clean energy technologies …”

May 13, 2022 | 10:0011:00

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CSH scientist Kavia Surana will give this open online lecture within the framework of the ANET Lab Seminar Series, organized by the Agglomeration & Social Network Research Lab (ANET Lab) in Budapest/Hungary.


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Full title:


Technology complexity and long-term innovation in suppliers of clean energy technologies under global manufacturing shifts: case of wind energy




Clean energy technologies can contribute to emissions reduction and support economies through jobs and growth in new manufacturing industries, however, innovation is still needed to meet long-term climate goals. Policymakers try to simultaneously advance innovation, manufacturing, and deployment of clean energy technologies but, much as in other modern industries, the manufacturing of many clean energy technologies has shifted from Europe, the US, and Japan to emerging economies, especially China. The consequences of this shift for the temporal dimension of innovation —i.e. whether innovation is aligned with long-term climate goals— are not well understood.


This talk will discuss the wind energy global value chain, using a novel dataset of the component supplier firms that worked with the 13 largest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) from 2006–2016.


First, we will discuss the global changes in the location of manufacturing in the context of technology complexity, a metric that quantifies the knowledge intensity and difficulty of manufacturing turbine components. Then, we will apply data science and natural language processing methods to introduce and analyze the temporal dimension of innovation, i.e. the expected payoffs from firms’ patenting activity in the long-term or short-term. Finally, we will quantitatively assess the relationship between the location of manufacturing in the global value chain and the temporal dimension of innovation.



May 13, 2022