Peter Klimek: “Modellieren einer Public-Health-Krise im Blindflug”

Nov 16, 2020 | 10:0011:30

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Peter Klimek‘s (German) talk “Modellieren einer Public-Health-Krise im Blindflug” was one of several online lectures about the subject “KI und Simulationen im Einsatz gegen COVID-19” at the “COVID Pop-up Hub.”


Other Hub-related speakers in this session were CSH Faculty member Allan Hanbury and CSH Associate Faculty member Georg Langs.



(Peter’s talk starts at minute 23:00)





Video description:

“Wie wird die Entwicklung der Pandemie simuliert? Hilft KI bei der Einschätzung und Bekämpfung von COVID-19? Wie wird die Ausbreitung von COVID-19 simuliert, welche Daten werden verwendet und welche disruptiven Ereignisse gab es dabei?


Hier gibt’s jene Informationen die in der stark zugespitzten öffentlichen Diskussion oft fehlen.”



About the “COVID Pop-up Hub”


The digital COVID Pop-up Hub is an initiative of the BMK [Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology] to learn together from the crisis. The goal is to find new solutions to create a more resilient future.


Anyone can participate and exchange ideas with other interested parties and interdisciplinary experts. Discussions will take place in four topic areas that have emerged in the COVID-19 crisis as particularly relevant for our economic and social system.


Nov 16, 2020