“Medical and Systemic Analysis of Nation-Wide Claims Data”

Sep 03, 2019 | 10:3011:30

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CSH President Stefan Thurner is a lecturer at the National Institute of Health: National Cancer Institute Seminar (NCI), which takes place on September 03, 2019, in NCI Shady Grove.




We are exploring a nation-wide claims data-set from which we derive co-morbidity networks across life-time. We find that individual health care trajectories can be modeled as a diffusion process on these temporal networks. We present a simple AI method that allows us to characterize health trajectories of patients and discuss its consequences. On the systemic side, we present an assessment of the resilience of the Austrian health care system.



**The mission of the Biostatistics Branch (BB) is to be an outstanding biostatistics unit that can contribute to the understanding of cancer etiology and to improve public health by the development and application of quantitative methods.  The BB Investigators develop statistical methods and data resources to strengthen observational studies, intervention trials, and laboratory investigations of cancer.**



Sep 03, 2019