Rendi-Wagner for school opening from February 8th, Neos ask for opening plan


The SPÖ boss wants to make an exception for schools. After the long distance learning – which studies say is harmful to health – the students finally need a perspective. Therefore, you should return to face-to-face teaching from February 8th (in Vienna and Lower Austria when the semester break ends, in the other countries on February 15th). However, this with the “strictest safety and protective measures”, i.e. mask, distance, regular tests for staff and students.


Meinl-Reisinger for a clear opening plan


In an interview with the APA, Neos boss Meinl-Reisinger called for a “clear opening plan – both for schools and for retailers.” “Two weeks ago we supported the extension of the lockdown until February 8th – not least because of the catastrophic crisis management during vaccination. Now the people in Austria need a perspective,” she stated.


In any case, the schools would have to unlock first. “We owe that to the students, also with regard to their mental health. Schools have been made safer, not least through the possibility of regular tests, together with mask requirements and ventilation concepts, opening steps are definitely possible,” emphasized the Neos chairwoman and also referred to a study of the Complexity Science Hub in cooperation with AGES, in which the different prevention concepts in schools were measured and evaluated in detail.

Retail, hairdressers and museums must also have a clear opening perspective from February 8th. “The entrepreneurs finally need perspective and the ability to plan. Careful opening steps – with appropriate distance rules, FFP2 mask requirement and possibly also regional differentiation – must be undertaken. This is also necessary in view of the high unemployment figures”, emphasizes Meinl-Reisinger.