Elites are the real problem in the US, not conspiracy theorists



The detachment of America’s privileged has created a festering resentment among the have-nots

The Sunday Times

All eyes are on the Capitol for the Trump primetime extravaganza, a slick (and sickening) hearing before a congressional committee that showcases the seditious tendencies of the 45th president. Apparently 20 million Americans tuned in to the spectacle on Thursday; ABC, CBS and NBC cleared their schedules to air the litany of allegations.



Gasps were drawn by allegations that, as insurrectionists chanted, “Hang Mike Pence”, Trump said: “He deserves it.” There were also wide eyes as Ivanka Trump came on screen to say she accepted the view of the attorney-general that the election hadn’t been stolen. Trump Sr attacked his daughter for that betrayal, along with anyone else who dared question his actions. His tendencies towards psychopathy don’t seem to have been tempered since he …