(c) David Garcia

Number of tweets and links, and community structure related to EAT-Lancet and yes2meat:
The upper graph shows a time series of the number of tweets for each term in a 24 hour rolling window over the first weeks after the EAT-Lancet launch (Jan 11–27).

The lower graph shows the daily number of link shares to pages against and in favour of the Commission (A).

A follower network with nodes and their outgoing links is coloured by community and coloured word clouds of the profiles of users in each community (B).

Words have a size proportional to their frequency in profile text. The largest community (blue) is generally positive, with the second largest (red) very negative, and the third one (yellow) displaying a mix of sentiments. The fourth community (green) is composed of vegan diet supporters that opposed yes2meat independently of the EAT-Lancet Commission.