Black Hole Entropy: A Closer Look


In many papers in the literature, author(s) express their perplexity concerning the fact that the ( 3+1 ) black-hole ‘thermodynamical’ entropy appears to be proportional to its area and not to its volume, and would therefore seemingly be nonextensive, or, to be more precise, subextensive.

To discuss this question on more clear terms, a non-Boltzmannian entropic functional noted Sδ was applied [Tsallis and Cirto, Eur. Phys. J. C 73, 2487 (2013)] to this complex system which exhibits the so-called area-law. However, some nontrivial physical points still remain open, which we revisit now.

This discussion is also based on the fact that the well known Bekenstein-Hawking entropy can be expressed as being proportional to the event horizon area divided by the square of the Planck length.


Constantino Tsallis, Black Hole Entropy: A Closer Look, Entropy 22 (1) (2020) 17