The Statistical Foundations of Entropy


In 2021 (Oct 19), the journal Entropy published the Special Issue The Statistical Foundations of Entropy.


This publication is now published as a book:


(…) The Special Issue , “The Statistical Foundations of Entropy”, is dedicated to discussing solutions and delving into concepts, methods, and algorithms for improving our understanding of the statistical foundations of entropy in complex systems, with a particular focus on the so-called generalized entropies that go beyond the usual Boltzmann–Gibbs–Shannon framework. The nine high-quality articles included in this Special Issue propose and discuss new tools and concepts derived from information theory, non-equilibrium statistical physics, and the theory of complex dynamical systems to investigate various non-conventional aspects of entropy with assorted applications. They illustrate the potential and pertinence of novel conceptual tools in statistical physics that, in turn, help us to shed fresh light on the statistical foundations of entropy. (…)


Petr Jitzba, Jan Korbel (eds.), The Statistical Foundations of Entropy. MDPI, Basel, 2022

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