Hannah Metzler - CSH

Hannah Metzler

Medical University of Vienna & PostDoc at the CSH Vienna

Hannah Metzler has been a PostDoc at the Complexity Science Hub and the Public Health Centre at Medical University of Vienna since March 2020. After a Master in Psychology at University of Vienna, Hannah did her PhD in social neuroscience at Sorbonne University and Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris.


Her research interests lie in the field of social interaction and mental health, and include topics such as emotions, social power, face perception, “social” hormones, stress responses, and media effects on suicide. Hannah considers herself part of the open science community, and strives to make research more transparent and reproducible.


In her current research, she applies methods like text analysis and machine learning to investigate emotions and social behavior at the collective level, as well as potential contributions of traditional and social media to suicide prevention.