Luca Rade

Princeton University & CSH Junior Fellow

Luca Rade will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in complex adaptive systems from Princeton University in 2019. Complex adaptive systems is an independently created major combining mathematics, ecology and evolutionary biology, and mechanical engineering. For his research, supervised by Simon Levin of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Miguel Centeno of the Department of Sociology, Luca is building a simulation to identify the mechanisms responsible for the evolution of syntrophic mutualisms in microbial communities and the resulting diversity and interdependence observed in such systems.


At the Complexity Science Hub Vienna Luca conducted research identifying precursors to collapse in a stochastic adaptive network. He is broadly interested in using mathematical modeling to understand the forces driving the aggregation of interacting individual units into cohesive, internally differentiated systems, and the mechanisms determining the properties and dynamics of those systems, grounded in evolutionary dynamics.


Luca is also an undergraduate fellow at the Julis Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance, and a research fellow at the Global Systemic Risk Research Group, where he co-authored “The System Made Me Do It? Regulating Systemic Risk,” a chapter in two edited volumes currently under consideration at Cambridge University Press and Routledge Press. He previously founded Envision, a student group enabling future leaders to pioneer a brighter future through the prudent advancement of breakthrough technologies.