Michael Szell - CSH Vienna

Michael Szell

Central European University, Budapest & CSH External Faculty

Michael Szell is assistant professor at Central European University, Center for Network Science, adjunct visiting professor at Northeastern University, Center for Complex Network Research, external faculty at the Complexity Science Hub Vienna, and research fellow at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He received his academic degrees in Vienna, Austria (MSc from Vienna University of Technology, PhD from University of Vienna).


His interdisciplinary background of mathematics, computer science, and physics is well reflected in his research goals: To quantitatively understand collective behavior and the underlying patterns of our interlinked actions and decisions in a computational social science, involving mining and modeling large-scale data sets of human activity using a complex networks approach. Michael is also exploring urban mobility, sustainability, and data visualization, following his previous research positions at MIT’s Senseable City Lab and moovel lab.


Michael’s special focus is on urban and online environments and media, in particular he is known for his work on multiplex networks and social dynamics of the players in his massive multiplayer online game “Pardus”, www.pardus.at.