Niraj Kushwaha

PhD Candidate, CSH & University of Vienna

Niraj Kushwaha joined the Complexity Science Hub Vienna as a PhD candidate in August 2021. He has a master in physics from the Indian Institute of Technology Indore. His master’s thesis was in the field of non-linear dynamics and complex networks.


Niraj performed network modeling using Kuramoto’s oscillators to study collective behavior found in many real-world systems and also studied critical transitions between synchronization and chimera(solitary) states found in dynamical networked systems. In order to study phase space of such systems, he used a unique technique which used machine learning.


Niraj’s research interest lies at the intersection of statistical physics, collective behavior, network science, computational modeling, data analysis and machine learning. Through his research, he wishes to study the hidden universal laws of nature, using various tools and techniques that fall under the umbrella of complexity science.