Roberta Sinatra - CSH Vienna

Roberta Sinatra

Central European University, Budapest & CSH External Faculty

Roberta Sinatra is an Assistant Professor at the Center for Network Science and at the Department of Mathematics, Central European University (Budapest, Hungary), a visiting Faculty at the Network Science Institute, Northeastern University (Boston, MA, USA) and member of the External Faculty at the Complexity Science Hub (Vienna, Austria). She is a theoretical physicist by training, working at the forefront of network and data science, developing novel theoretical methods and analyzing empirical data sets on social phenomena and human behavior. Her research projects span topics as diverse as random walks and human mobility on networks, to quantifying human behavior during cooperative games by EEG measurements. Currently, she spends particular attention on Science of Science and on the analysis and the modeling of information and dynamics that lead to the collective phenomenon of success.
Roberta completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in Physics at the University of Catania, Italy, and spent time as a visiting research student at the University of Zaragoza (Spain), at the Imperial College and at the Queen Mary college in London (UK), and at the Medical University of Vienna (Austria). In 2012 she joined the BarabasiLab in Boston, where she was first Postdoctoral Fellow until 2014 and then Research Assistant Professor. At the BarabasiLab, Roberta lead the group working on science of success. She has won several awards and grants, in particular a 3-year fellowship for post-doctoral studies in complex systems by the James S. McDonnell Foundation and a grant from the AirForce for the study of scientific success.