Rudolf Hanel - CSH Vienna

Rudolf Hanel

Medical University of Vienna & CSH Senior Researcher

Rudolf Hanel has been with the Complex Systems Research Group since 2007. Since finishing his PhD 1999 in theoretical physics and following postgraduate training in medical physics he is working and publishing extensively on a diverse set of topics ranging from statistical physics over robotics to medical imaging, complex systems and evolution and has presented results in talks on several international conferences and universities.


Rudi was involved in scientific research at the Department of Diagnostic Radiology University of Vienna where he developed an experimental virtual endoscopy tool and the Department of Theoretical Physics at the KU Leuven working on statistical properties of neural networks. He was with the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Physics, University of Vienna, working on a project on medical robotics in cooperation with the Austrian Research Center (ARC) and later with VisionLab, Department of Physics, University of Antwerp, working mainly on MR image enhancement. Since 2007, Rudi is member of the Complex Systems Research Group. Participating in both theoretical and applied science has proven to be a highly fascinating and instructive way to spend his time in the tension between physical grounding and creative generalization of theoretical concepts which serves both his broad spectrum of interest and his inclination towards mathematics.


Rudi’a current interests aim at a thorough understanding of non-equilibrium processes, their thermodynamic properties and associated phase transitions, and tipping phenomena, i.e. leaps of creative destruction in the evolution of complex non-equilibrium systems.