Sina Sajjadi

PhD Candidate, CSH Vienna & Central European University

Sina Sajjadi joined the Complexity Science Hub Vienna as a PhD candidate of the Department of Network and Data Science of the Central European University in May 2021. He received his MSc degree in physics from Sharif University of Technology in Iran. For his thesis, he studied the spreading on temporal networks for cooperating infections; employing shuffling methods to analyse their hindering/enhancing effect, making use of clustering methods. Sina has also studied epidemic modeling via agent-based modeling of pedestrian dynamics to study the effect of social distancing, as well as decision making models to account for the disparity of infection rates across different socio-economical groups.


Sina is interested in both the theoretical and the applied aspects of complex systems. In particular, he is interested in the mathematical modeling of social phenomena, using techniques such as network modeling, game theory, and data analysis.