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Yamir Moreno

Institute for Scientific Interchange Foundation Turin & CSH External Faculty

Professor Yamir Moreno (Havana City, 1970) got his PhD in physics (Summa Cum Laude, 2000) from University of Zaragoza. Shortly afterwards, he joined the Condensed Matter Section of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy, as a research fellow. He is the head of the Complex Systems and Networks Lab (COSNET) since 2003 and is also affiliated with the Department of Theoretical Physics of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Zaragoza. He is the deputy director of the Institute for Bio-computation and Physics of Complex Systems (BIFI) and member of its government board and steering committee.


Yamir Moreno’s research interests include the study of nonlinear dynamical systems coupled to complex structures, transport processes and diffusion with applications in communication and technological networks, dynamics of virus and rumors propagation, game theory, systems biology of TB (Tuberculosis), the study of more complex and realistic scenarios for the modeling of infectious diseases, synchronization phenomena, the emergence of collective behavior in biological and social environments, the development of new optimization data algorithms and the structure and dynamics of multilayer complex systems.


Yamir Moreno has published more than 165 scientific papers in international peer-reviewed journals and his research works have collected more than 11600 citations with an h-index=44 (ISI WoK; 20000+ and 54, respectively, from Google Scholar). At present, he is a divisional associate editor of Physical Review Letters, a member of the editorial boards of Scientific Reports, Applied Network Science and Journal of Complex Networks, and academic editor of PLoS ONE.


Professor Moreno is the elected President of the Complex Systems Society (CSS) and also belongs to its executive committee and council. He is also the vice president of the Network Science Society and a member of the Future and Emerging Technology Advisory Group of the European Union’s Research Program H2020. Besides, he belongs to the advisory board of the WHO Collaborative Center “Complexity Sciences for Health Systems” (CS4HS), whose headquarter is at the University of British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, Vancouver, Canada. He is a Fellow of the Institute for Scientific Interchange Foundation (ISI), Turin, Italy since 2013.